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•6 flavors of soft serve

•Includes Toppings Bar

•8oz Cups

•Includes drinks (smoothies, milkshakes)

•Includes parfaits

•Includes Dole floats


Service Description

Contact us to cater your event! We cater private events, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc. Choose a custom menu of Smoothies, Milkshakes, Italian Sodas, Dole Whip Floats, and Soft Serve (ice cream, Dole whip, sorbet, or frozen yogurt) for your next event!


Tier 3 includes 6 flavors of your choice, the full toppings bar (we can accommodate specific topping requests), served in 8oz cups. At this tier, we also offer blended drinks (smoothies & milkshakes), parfaits, and Dole floats.


•1 batch/flavor will serve approximately forty-eight, 8 ounce cups

•Base cost is $1,230

•Base cost does include blended drinks, parfaits, and Dole floats.

•Base cost does not include mileage cost ($1/mile) or guest fee (flat rate based on the amount of people attending your event).


Guest Fee:

•0-48 people: $280

•49-96 people: $460

•97-144 people: $640

•145-192 people: $820

•193-240 people: $900

•241-288 people: $980

Large Event

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